| In The Name of Fairness and Equality
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In The Name of Fairness and Equality

In The Name of Fairness and Equality

I am not democrat or republican, conservative or labour. I am not to be persuaded on any matter or any issue by using any one of those identities. I am myself and this is my history.

Hundreds of years ago my ancestors were physically butchered into surrender by a group of rich yobs. They paid others to batter and rape and plunder the poor until they surrendered and accepted them as their lords and masters. They invented titles for themselves and ruled with tremendous cruelty. They made the poor kneel at their feet under threat of death. They raped their wives, took their land and extracted huge amounts of their crops for themselves. They became astonishingly rich and kept everything to themselves and their own kind. Today they call themselves the royal family.

Their offspring conquered America by doing the same to the native Americans. Battered and punished them until they accepted them as their lords and masters and made them kneel at their feet under threat of death. They took everything they owned. Land, resources and dignity.

Around 2023 the world will be receptive to a paradigm shift. It's not ready yet. But it won't be long. It's happening slowly, everyday in the minds of the masses. When it reaches a critical mass the paradigm shift will occur. It will occur in the name of fairness and equality. It will benefit you. It won't be in the name of democrat, republican, labour or conservative, these are the structures that prevent it from happening. You don't have to fight it. You just have to be aware. No riots. No shootings. Just be aware and don't harm other people from other political parties. They have been conditioned just like me and you. Be aware.

Have a fantastic day.


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