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Keep It Real

Keep It Real

Hey Guys, I've got a great idea about Trump and Brexit and the hung parliament and all that ulster defense army and Jeremy Corbin stuff and all that political drama.

Let them all carry on and you focus on your own family and friends. Don't lose sight that your own life and family and friends are far more important than any of those people. Fuck em. Your life and the life of your children and family and friends is paramount. Don't let them get you sidetracked away from what's important. Your life won't change much no matter which one of those psychopaths is in power. My old mam voted Labour all her life and they knocked 3 pence off a packet of cigarettes when they got in power. That's how much her lifelong loyalty was worth. They had top class food and hotels and wages for themselves. But my old mam got 3 pence knocked off a packet of cigarettes. They convinced her she was Labour. My school teacher voted Tory all her life. She didn't have a pot to piss in but they convinced her she was 'somebody' if she voted Tory. They convinced her she was above all those vermin Labour free loaders. My poor school teacher believed she was a Tory.

Go back to your family and children. Don't give these cocksuckers another ounce of your energy. You're a tiny little pawn in a money and power game that's so far beyond you it's not worth the energy.

Have a beautiful day. Tell your family and kids I send them all my best wishes. You're not Labour or Tory or any of the other nonsense. It's all made up. Nature doesn't have Labour or Tory. They made the shit up. It keeps you divided.

You and your children and family are real. Keep it real.


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