| Your Power Is In Your Own Nature…Keep It Real, Con’t
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Your Power Is In Your Own Nature…Keep It Real, Con’t

Your Power Is In Your Own Nature…Keep It Real, Con’t

The human EGO is who we are pretending to be. It's NOT who we really are. It's like a role in a movie. We pick the part and then start living it out. Policemen, politicians, scaffolders, queens, kings, presidents, the battered wife, the depressive, the poet, the happy, the activist, the list goes on. We become so obsessed with who we are pretending to be that we forget who we really are. This is the danger point because we are no longer in control of our own lives. We have been infiltrated and systematically taken over by a psychic parasite that is hellbent on obtaining ultimate power over your true nature and all other life forms at any cost. Sometimes it is world power and sometimes it is power over our families or friends. In many respects it is a sickness.

So when you hand over your power to a politician, please understand that you are handing your power over to this psychic parasite that is putting on a show of kindness and understanding so it can manipulate itself into a position of power. When the psychic parasite achieves its goals and gets the power, it wants more power. More, bigger, higher, stronger, until it reaches an unassailable position where it will kill anyone or anything that threatens its ultimate power over everyone. We call them dictators. The host (you) has lost its connection to the authentic self and is now living a life to obtain more power over other life forms.

Narcissists gravitate to the entertainment professions. Their goal is to be admired. Power hungry ego maniacs gravitate towards politics. It is the right place to be if you are obsessed with holding positions of power. There are very, very few exceptions to this rule no matter what it looks like on the outside. Sometimes it's ' I can help the poor' and sometimes it's ' I can help businesses grow the economy' but always you will find the same message from the psychic parasite promising a better life and a more prosperous future for you and your children. Everything always stays the same.

The solution is to focus on your own psychic parasite and don't allow it to disconnect you from your nature. Once you achieve awareness you won't be bamboozled by the marketing and message of the psychic parasite. You will be what Carl Jung called 'individuated'. You will have your own thoughts based on your own nature. You won't belong to groups with leaders who use you as a battery pack for their own power needs.

Put no ones words, be it gurus, priests, ministers, politicians, kings or queens above the integrity of your own being. If you think you are a democrat or a republican, labour or conservative, a free mason or a knight of st Columba, then you have been infiltrated by the psychic parasite. You are enrolled in its power structure and your energy is being syphoned off and used by another psychic parasite further up the power ladder.

Don't allow this to happen to you and please don't let the psychic parasite feed on your children. Let them be free. Don't teach them what the parasite taught you. The revolution is coming in 2023. It won't be televised because it will happen inside of the human condition.

Have a fantastic day.


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