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Greetings and good morning and good day to the wonderful people of the earth.

NOW....... I do deeply understand those if you that Dismiss the influence of cosmology and in general things you can’t monitor or see with your eyes. I do. Like I really do. But let me introduce a little concept called ‘mercury in retrograde’.

Without going into too much detail let’s just say that during this period things have a tendency to go a little haywire. (more than normal) and it consistently does it during these periods. It also effects us emotionally and we often make weird and rash decisions during these times that we regret later. It’s often accompanied by feelings of ‘what’s the feckin point’ it’s almost like I imagine PMS to be for women based upon what they have described to me. And emotional irritability.

Anyway, mercury is retrograde right now and will be for the next three weeks. Don’t sign anything don’t initiate new projects if you can help it and if you find yourself in an irritable and highly emotional mindset please understand it will pass and your life isn’t as bad as you are perceiving it right now. The best way to overcome it is to call someone up and tell them how great they are. This always works. Appreciating other people and telling them they are amazing is an absolute winner when it comes to changing your energy to a higher frequency.

Have a fantastic day.


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